Doel Trivedy

Producer & Director

Riverbank Studios

A writer and filmmaker, Doel has been producing and directing documentaries for over 19 years. Her expertise lies in telling stories that are aimed towards impact. She has filmed in some of the most extreme and remote locations to document wildlife in its natural habitat and tell stories of environmental concern. Using emerging technology Doel continues to find new ways to tell relevant stories and hopes to engage new audiences.

Her films have won international and national recognition. “Gyamo - Queen of the Mountains”, which she co-directed, has won several awards including awards at Banff Mountain Festival and Jackson Wild Big Cats Festival. “Into the Himalayas”, which Doel produced and wrote, has received a nomination at the prestigious Jackson Wild Media Awards, 2020. These films have also begun to create ground level impact in changing attitudes. Doel also wrote “Timeless Traveller” which won the National Award in 2005.

Doel just finished directing a short film for Waterbear. Stories from remote areas in Bangladesh which bring us close to the lives of families who are most vulnerable to climate shifts. The film is available online on Waterbear Network and on YouTube. She is also the director of the award winning series “Snakes SOS - Goa’s Wildest” - a rescue series with the intention to create awareness about snakes and try and break some long standing fears around snakes in India. “Snakes SOS” Season 1 and 2 are now airing on National Geographic and Disney Hotstar. Season 3 is under post production and is to be aired in February 2023. She is currently working on a 26 part environmental series – “Earth Matters” – for the National Broadcaster to be released later this year.

Doel lives with her partner and 8 year old daughter in Goa, India.