Eylem Kaftan

Director, Writer, Producer

Kaftan films

Born in Turkey, Eylem Kaftan completed a B.A. in Philosophy at Bosphorous University in Istanbul. She completed her M.A. in Film and Video at York University (Canada) in 2002. She wrote and directed “Vendetta Song” (2005) produced in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada and DLI productions. This gripping hour-long documentary about her personal journey into the killing of her aunt in a small village in Turkey was broadcast on Vision TV and Télé-Québec in Canada and has received several awards, including prestigious Hot Docs Awards. Kaftan produced and directed several documentaries for the Al Jazeera English channel, like “The Passion and Penalty” and “Sarajevo, My Love”. Eylem recently completed her first feature film called “Kovan/Hive”. The film is about a female beekeeper’s struggle with wild bees and a bear. The feature is selected for many prestigious international film festivals and won numerous awards. It is currently on Netflix worldwide. Eylem is currently finishing the doc “A Day, 365 Hours”, and developing her second feature “A Real Woman”.