John Driedonks



John Driedonks is a Dutch emeritus professor of journalism at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. He is still guest lecturing storytelling and crowdfunding, moderating, a quiz master, and screening and judging documentaries. That's a brief outline of his life after retirement, in January 2019. Before he worked as a radio reporter and as chief editor of RTV Utrecht.

Together with media professor Brian Maston and in cooperation with the City University of New York (CUNY), he founded "CampusDoc"(umentary) in 2010, a bilingual course in cross-media storytelling and documentary making. Since 2011 "CampusDoc Film Festival CDFF" is an international spin-off.

He designed a "Five-Stage Rocket", a tool to create successful crowdfunding campaigns. Lecturing at the Utrecht School of Journalism he simulated "real-world integrated or converged newsrooms" where future journalists prepared TV talk shows and news shows, and also produced radio items and online content. Leading principle or slogan: "One Topic, Countless Angles!".