Isabelle Fournet

Creative Director

Los Angeles resident, born and raised in Spain, from a French Swedish background, Isabelle carries the cultural heritage of Europe and alternates her work between the arts and the audiovisual.

At 20 years old she made a short film in 3D computer animation, "Staphylococcus Aureus", first prize winner Worldfest Gold Award 2001 (Huston, USA). Her filmography is followed by a 16mm short film made in Paris: "Le syndrôme de Peter Pan" (2003), who has been acclaimed internationally renowned festivals receiving several awards.
A multidisciplinary artist busy between Europe and America, edits documentaries and films, she does animation, writes and paints.

Always involved in the contrast between humanity and darkness, looking for the light and recycling herself to show the magic of life, what we all seek the light in our blindness.