May Baroudi

Senior Director and Head of Production

VICE Media

May Baroudi is a highly accomplished and innovative leader in the video production and creative industries. With a wealth of experience spanning film, television, and digital media, May has garnered recognition as an Award Winner for her exceptional contributions.

Currently, May serves as the Senior Director and Head of Production at JAX Media, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In this influential role, she leads and supervises a dynamic production department, ensuring the seamless execution of projects while maintaining a commitment to both quality and cost-effectiveness.

Before joining VICE Media, May played a pivotal role in the successful launch of the CNN Business Arabic Platform. Serving as the Head of the Creative and Visual Department, she played a crucial role in developing the platform's creative and visual production, setting an engaging tone for content creation, and establishing a strong and consistent brand image across all visual mediums. May's diverse background includes serving as a Production, Post, and operations Consultant for Snap Inc. in Dubai, UAE. In this capacity, she oversaw the creation of content for Snap Originals and facilitated introductions in the MENA market, contributing to the platform's success. Additionally, she held key positions, such as Head of Video and Digital Content at Motivate Media Group, where she led impactful digital and video projects, including those for the Motivate EXPO 2020 partnership. Earlier in her career, May excelled as an Executive Director at Clue Media Production, where she received an award for her exceptional performance on the renowned "Prince of Poets" program, recognized by Abu Dhabi Culture.

May's outstanding track record reflects her ability to develop and execute strategic plans, foster team growth, and deliver top-notch multimedia content. Her unwavering dedication to the success of her organization is evident as she seamlessly combines creative vision with strategic insights, paving the way for continued excellence.