Eric van den Hoonaard

Director & Writer

Born in Düsseldorf, Eric is a multi-award-winning creative turned director. Focusing on commercials, short documentaries, and music videos.

He started his advertising career in Cape Town, worked as a Creative Director at the legendary agency Jung von Matt / Hamburg, and continued to shoot for big brands like Mercedes Benz, Adidas, and Manscaped as a freelance director.

Curiosity and the fear of missing out inspired his extensive traveling and reiterated his life ethos to invest in experiences rather than things. Originally a trained Art Director, he now pretty much enjoys writing scenes that will come alive on screen. He aims for his work to be polarizing, ideally making people laugh hysterically, cry honestly, or see something unseen before.

Eric’s work has achieved recognition from all major award shows, including Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Clios, ADC Global, ADCE, and ADC Germany.