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press | November 17, 2022

The US International Awards are officially open 

Let’s once again celebrate the best corporate videos and documentaries

The 2023 edition of the renewed US International Awards has officially started. The competition is open for Corporate Videos, Online & Social Media Videos, Documentaries, Independent Videos, and Student Videos. Film producers, agencies, client companies, and students are welcome to submit their creative work. Call for entries is open until March 3, 2023.

The new awards season marks also the start of a new era. Many things changed in the times of the pandemic – and so did the former US International Film and Video Festival. After a brief standstill, the competition is back with new categories, a new branding, and a new name. With a background of fifty-five years within the industry of corporate videos & documentaries, the renewed US International Awards joyously start into this new era.

Entries must be produced or released from 2021 to 2023. The Awards’ mission is to have low entry fees, so that smaller companies, start-ups, one-person companies, and companies in difficult economic conditions are attracted as well. Entrants can submit their creative works in a total of 105 categories, within the main categories Corporate Videos, Online & Social Media Videos, Documentaries, Independent Videos, Student Videos, and the additional Production Art & Craft categories.

Winners will be announced in June 2023. Next to Production Art & Craft Winners like “Best Director” and “Best Script”, a dedicated jury will determine Gold and Silver Winners and as well Finalists for every other category. Grand Awards may be selected among the Gold Winners within the 5 main categories. Additionally, the US International Awards want to highlight the outstanding achievements of their entrants with Specialty Awards, which may be given out to the Agency of the Year, Production Company of the Year, TV Network of the Year, Client Company of the Year, and Film School of the Year.

All further information on the categories, entry fees and conditions of participation can be found at

About the US International Awards
The US International Awards honor the world’s best corporate videos, online & social media productions and documentaries. The awards, formally named US International Film & Video Festival, have been taken over and re-branded in 2021 by Filmservice International, Europe’s biggest organizer of corporate film festivals. With the original festival having a fifty-five yearlong background within the industry of corporate videos and documentaries and the expertise of Filmservice International, the renewed US International Awards joyously start into this new era. 

Marlene Marcher
Awards Manager
US International Awards
Managed by Filmservice International
Schaumburgergasse 18
1040 Vienna, Austria

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February 16, 2023

Meet the Jury Interview
Jeremy Richter


Jeremy Richter has managed over 4,500 productions in the past 25 years which have spanned 48 states and 12 countries. He has won over 100 awards for film excellence and serves as the CEO of Richter Studios, based in Chicago. Specializing in animation, brand films, commercials and corporate videos, his company has championed productions involving the ESPN, Star Wars, Tesla brands.

We are thrilled to have you on the jury for the 2023 US International Awards. What was the decisive factor that made you participate?

The decisive factor for me to participate was Filmservice International. Over the past 13 years, they have run an exceptional festival with the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in France. Creatives from around the world know that winning an award through that competition is an incredible accomplishment. Because I know the same folks who created that outstanding festival are now driving the reimagined US International Awards, I’m all in. It is an incredible honor to serve on the jury.

Please tell us more about your work background and your everyday work life. Could you also tell us what you enjoy the most in your job? 

I began my career as a graphic designer. I thoroughly enjoyed that time in my life and it inspired me to become a great visual communicator. It also provided me with an excellent foundation for what was to become my true passion, motion imagery. I founded Richter Studios in 1997 as an animation studio but it eventually grew to include video production and still photography. At this stage in my career, I’m primarily a talent scout who builds creative teams that can fulfill the promises I make to a wide range of clients. At Richter Studios, our driving passion is to infuse the art and craft of cinematic excellence into the productions we manage. With video content now everywhere, it is important to differentiate your message. I believe in this creative philosophy so much that I even trademarked the phrase “Be Cinematic®”. The part I enjoy the most with my job is when clients get to see the marketing films we create for them for the very first time. That’s when they fully understand the difference a cinematic approach has made for their brand.

What projects have you done so far? Are there projects that stand out for you personally and what was the most challenging project you worked on so far?

My company has managed over 12,500 short-form films over the past 25 years. Standout productions were the ones that involved brand names that many creatives were inspired by as young kids. As a small business entrepreneur who built his company’s reputation one production at a time, the great brand names arrived at our doorstep when we had become masters of our craft. I’m incredibly proud to see my creative teams champion productions involving the Disney, Star Wars, ESPN, and Tesla brands. I would say the most challenging production so far had to be for a luxury yacht brand. Filmed in the Bahamas, this was a production that required a great deal of planning and focus. We used one of the first available digital 4K cameras in the world, the RED One. We literally had one of the very first models available. It was radically unique and advanced at the time but we also ran into various issues just getting it to work. Additionally, part of the two-day shoot had us filming from a helicopter over the ocean. Due to cost constraints, we had less than an hour to capture the yachts from the sky. For the boat-to-boat shots, we partnered with an Oscar-winning team that specialized in gyro stabilization. While motion stabilization isn’t nearly as big a deal in 2023, it certainly was 15 years ago on the water. To win this opportunity, we did tests in Chicago on Lake Michigan in the middle of the winter, which in itself was a great challenge. In the end, this shoot in the Bahamas translated into five promo films which became a marketing campaign for the ages. The luxury yacht company was sold out for almost two years in advance after the films were launched.

What are you currently working on? And what else is planned for the upcoming time?

Currently, we are working on a nice mix of commercials, lifestyle brand films and corporate pieces. What’s exciting is that with camera technology continually improving, the lines are increasingly blurring between these three types of productions. We always strive to infuse the look and feel of cinema into every project we take on, so the creative payoff has been very rewarding. I also recently purchased and renovated a 10,000-square-foot building to be the new home for Richter Studios. It’s wired from the ground up to be a cinematic playground. We have four separate production stages, a green room and several editing suites. I took the extra step of populating the studio with a vintage jukebox, pool table, games and even wired the entire building with rotary phones from the '30s, '40s and '50s. We even have a classy red carpet room with a wet bar that overlooks two of our production stages. Many shoots lately have been at the studio versus out in the field and our clients have really enjoyed this option.

You were awarded many awards yourself. What does an award represent to you?

Winning an award is a validation of the creative effort involved. When you are pursuing excellence, it often requires longer hours and a great deal of care and focus. When you know your team has worked hard to create something really special, it feels wonderful to see them win an award. Being recognized for creative excellence is the fuel that drives my team to push themselves toward even greater goals and to continually reach higher.

In your opinion, what makes a “good” corporate video? Alas, what are you looking for in a winning entry?

To me, a good corporate video is one that makes a strong emotional connection. It’s the surest way for a video to be memorable. This can come through laughter, awe, excitement or many other emotions. Set out to establish a tone and mood with your video’s messaging and own it. I know the trend is to create shorter and shorter videos but if they are emotionless, it doesn’t matter. Viewers don’t remember facts; they remember emotions. If you and your team are moved by your video, that’s the surest sign you are onto something. Also, look for ways to communicate your message in ways others haven’t. Be unique. Study videos that are not in your industry and see what interesting things are being done. There are so many ways to differentiate your visuals and messaging. Depending on the tone of your video, this may mean animated graphics, aerial drones, time lapses, interviews, handheld cameras, etc. The more you challenge yourself to be unique, the better your finished production will be.

Are there any tips for potential entrants? Production-wise and presentation-wise?

Be cinematic. This means you should find ways to improve the quality of your production within the budget you have to work with. Coming up with a great concept and script is not expensive; these just require time and focus. The next most important thing is to identify a truly great song for your video; one that conveys the tone and emotions you are after. I can’t stress this enough. I have seen many videos that didn’t have the best video quality to work with but took the time to get the messaging and music driving it perfect. They worked really well. Having said that, keep building on these first two items if you are able to. Look for ways to capture your product or service in an environment that elevates your brand image and helps tell a visually interesting story. A great approach to captivate viewers is to feature your product, service or idea in a way that hasn’t been seen before. You can incorporate graphics, sound design, stock footage and so much more. If your video takes viewers on a new journey that emotionally connects with them - your chances of winning an award will be far greater.


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February 07, 2023

Meet the Jury Interview
Ala Hamdan

Ala Hamdan is a film director and a visual storyteller. She studied filmmaking and screenwriting at NYFA Florence and New York. As the co-founder of At Films, a media production and training company, she conducted projects with the UN, UNDP, Sadeem, LG, Adidas, Roya TV, and others. Her projects focus on social justice, uplifting causes, and valuable educational content.
Besides, Ala is a passionate juror eager to watch creative works from all over the world.

We are thrilled to have you on the jury for the 2023 US International Awards. What was the decisive factor that made you participate?

Being a jury member is truly rewarding. Firstly, I get to give credits where credits are due and therefore be one of the reasons a good work has reached a wider audience and a better screen. Adding to that is the opportunity to meet different experts in the film industry from around the world and exchange knowledge. Lastly, the inspiration I get after watching several artworks and seeing how the film industry is never the same, never boring, and is always bringing something new to the table.

What projects have you done so far? Are there projects that stand out for you personally and what was the most challenging project you worked on so far?

I have worked on several uplifting projects such as commercials and TVCs. But the projects I mostly relate to are related to human rights, specifically women. Two in particular, one was a short drama about domestic violence and another was a documentary about womenpreneur in the MENA region. This second project was challenging as it took place in 3 countries in a short period of time and also due to the number of great stories we recorded and had to be cut down to a few questions to be able to create a documentary with a reasonable length to watch.

What are you currently working on? And what else is planned for the upcoming time?

We are currently working on a web series related to women's empowerment. Helping women who live in rural areas grow their home businesses. Adding to that is a project linked to the holy month of Ramadan, which will be a 30-day LIVE screening on a TV channel.

You were awarded several awards yourself. What does an award represent to you?

An award is a recognition and a reminder. Each reward reminds me of what I love doing. Films! It also gives me the power I need to keep creating.

In your opinion, what makes a “good” documentary? Alas, what are you looking for in a winning entry?

Storytelling is everything. You could have great footage, yet the story does not come together smoothly. I am looking for a great story supported by artistic footage.

Are there any tips for potential entrants? Production-wise and presentation-wise?

Technicals help: A good DOP, great coloring, and designing music, however, they all won’t get you anywhere without a powerful story or great storytelling techniques.