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interviews | December 07, 2023

Meet the Jury Interview
Xavi Sanchez


As the Executive Head of Video, Xavi Sanchez manages the production of Footballco's massive 1 billion monthly views, making it the top soccer content and media company worldwide. Before joining Footballco, Xavi built his career in sports marketing agencies. As a Creative Producer and Director, he oversaw strategy, creativity, and production for high-profile clients like Real Madrid, Formula 1, and the NBA. He was also commissioned to create content with soccer legends like Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Neymar Jr or Luis Suárez. 

It is our pleasure to have you on the jury for the 2024 US International Awards. Can you tell us more about your job and everyday work life? 

As the Executive Head of Video at Footballco, my job is to lead the strategic direction and execution of all video-related initiatives across our diverse publishing brands. This includes overseeing teams of talented people specializing in audience development, creativity, and video production.

Which aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

What I find most rewarding in my role is the opportunity to blend creativity with strategy, crafting compelling video content that not only engages our audience but also aligns seamlessly with the brands we represent.

Looking back at your career, do particular projects stand out to you on a personal level?

At Footballco, we’ve had very successful campaigns recently. One project that I’m particularly proud of is our involvement in Pixel FC, celebrating a summer of women’s soccer, bringing together a world-class brand like Google with incredibly talented female content creators and presenters in the context of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup delivering millions of views across the tournament.

Given your extensive project experience, do you follow a specific work mantra?

I've had the privilege of working on a range of projects, from ad campaigns to editorial series. And throughout my career, I've consistently centered my efforts on the intersection of audience, publisher, and brand interests, adopting a holistic perspective. After championing this approach, I have found that development of IP and brand recognition through audience-first content is the best way to achieve that organic performance balance between the three parties.

Footballco is the top soccer content and media company worldwide. Could you shed some light on the strategies you intend to employ in strengthening its position as a global soccer publisher?

When I joined Footballco, I had a clear mission to build company IP in three key areas: fan engagement, creating entertainment formats independent of match rights, and fostering recurring collaborations with some of the world's most prominent soccer players. This mission has proven successful, attracting partnerships with esteemed brands such as Dubai Tourism, Google, and Adidas. These collaborations have added unique value to our millions of viewers worldwide.

As we look ahead to 2024, we plan to double down on these successes. We're committed to strengthening the bridge between our global soccer audience and these influential brands, positioning Footballco as a truly global soccer publisher. While I can't reveal all the details yet, we have exciting projects and initiatives in the pipeline that will further solidify our position and provide even more compelling content and experiences for our audience and partners alike.

As a jury member, you have a say in who will be bestowed with our awards. What does an award symbolize for you?

An award, to me, is a recognition of excellence. It symbolizes validation and acknowledgment from peers, industry experts, or the community. I refuse to see an award as an end goal but rather as a motivation to continue doing good work and benchmark it with what's to come to never stop pushing higher.

In your opinion, what makes a "good" corporate video? Alas, what are you looking for in a winning entry?

A great corporate video conveys the brand message without forcing it into the audience. Good branded videos are watchable, whereas great branded videos are shareable! Always ask yourself: If I was not related to that content in any way, would I watch it till the end? Would I ever rewatch it? Would I share it? If it's a yes, then it's a great video.

Are there any tips for potential entrants? Production-wise and presentation-wise?

Make me (the viewer) feel something and assume that you have to earn every second of my attention. Attention is the currency of this era, and you have to fight for it against 101 different forms of entertainment - don’t take it for granted.


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July 04, 2024

Jury Insights Interview
Andrea Florence

We are thrilled to present an exclusive interview with Andrea Florence, an Emmy award-winning Executive Producer renowned for her exceptional work in high-rating factual shows across global broadcasters and platforms. In this interview, Andrea shares her valuable insights from her recent experience as a jury member for the documentary categories at the 2024 US International Awards. She discusses the documentaries that stood out to her the most, offering a glimpse into what makes a truly remarkable production in today's competitive landscape.

Thank you for being part of the 2024 US International Awards Jury! You and your fellow jury members watched a huge number of entries. How would you describe the overall quality of the entries?

My selection included a wide range of shows: some beautifully crafted with high production values, amazing photography, and witty scripts, while others were incredibly powerful and emotionally charged.

Please tell us more about your judging process.

When I judge, I find it essential to be in a quiet environment with no time pressures. To ensure fairness, I always begin by reviewing the background information to understand the context thoroughly. I believe in the importance of careful consideration, often revisiting sections of the performances and adjusting my scores as needed. Only after watching all the assigned videos, I finalize my scores.

Which submissions impressed you the most or still stick in your mind and why?

There were many powerful shows, but two documentaries from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation still stick in my mind. The documentary "This Tuesday I'm going to die" stays with me – it’s both heart-rending and thought-provoking, and it brings to light the many issues arising from assisted dying.

The other documentary, "CARTWHEELS & HEADACHES - A Children's Hospice from the Inside," though very sad, was very sensitively filmed and gave a portrait of amazing people working in this area.

Was it difficult to choose a Grand Award Winner?

Each had its own particular strength, making the final choice incredibly difficult. It took some time and repeated viewings to decide the final scores.



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June 26, 2024

2024 US International Awards: Announcing the Winners

The 2024 edition of the prestigious US International Awards has concluded, celebrating outstanding achievements in corporate videos, online & social media videos, and documentaries & reports. This year's big winners include 80s Creative, Saudi Ministry of Culture (both Saudi Arabia), DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Denmark), TVN Warner Bros. Discovery (Poland), 1Camera (Netherlands), and Switzerland Tourism.

Celebrating outstanding achievements in visual storytelling, the winner announcement highlights a diverse range of projects that have captivated audiences, including a tourism spot with tennis pro Roger Federer and comedian Trevor Noah, a multi-awarded campaign promoting Saudi Coffee, and emotionally moving documentaries on sensitive subjects such as euthanasia and war crimes against Ukrainian women.

This year, the competition saw a remarkable array of entries from around the globe. "Each entry demonstrated a unique blend of creativity and technical skill, making the jury's task of selecting winners both challenging and rewarding," said Alexander V. Kammel, Director of the US International Awards.

Among the big winners are the Grand Award winners, which produced the best entry within a main category, and the Specialty Award winners, such as Best Production Company of the Year and Best Agency of the Year. These exceptional entities and their remarkable works have risen above the competition, leaving an indelible mark on their respective fields.

Specialty Award Winners

Production Company of the Year: 80s Creative (Saudi Arabia)

Client Company of the Year: Saudi Ministry of Culture (Saudi Arabia)

Agency of the Year: 80s Creative (Saudi Arabia)

TV Network of the Year: DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Denmark)

Film School of the Year: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

Grand Award Winners

Corporate Videos: "The Power of Together" - 1Camera for Achmea (Netherlands) 

Online & Social Media: "Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. The Ride of a Lifetime" - TUNA production AG in cooperation with WIRZ Group for Switzerland Tourism (Switzerland)

Documentaries & Reports: "What if the war ends tomorrow" - TVN Warner Bros. Discovery (Poland)

Documentaries & Reports: "This Tuesday I'm going to die" - DR Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Denmark)

Student Videos: "Delivery for Mr. Frogula" - Nadia Zimmermann from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany)


The 2024 US International Awards not only celebrate outstanding achievements but also serve as a showcase of the best international video productions. The full list of the 2024 US International Awards winners can be found at

The 2025 edition of the US International Awards are already on the way and will open call for entries in September later this year.


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