Teruhiko Kimura



Teruhiko Kimura is the CEO of IMAGE SCIENCE, INC., a video production company in Tokyo, Japan. He is an experienced producer who began his career in 1985 and has produced numerous corporate films, and various videos of many different fields as well.
He also started a web-related business in 1996, and thus his company currently handles a variety of corporate films and web production.

Since 2011, he has been a board member of JAAP, the Japan Association of Audiovisual Producers, and currently serves as vice president. Additionally, he serves as a councilor of JAVEA, the Japan Audiovisual Education Association. He has been striving for the development of the video industry in Japan.

Apart from his work, he loves cars, motorcycles, and music such as old-school rock, blues, and soul, and playing guitar as a hobby. He also loves history and geography.