Ewa Ewart


Ewa Ewart is a journalist and an award-winning filmmaker who specializes in groundbreaking and influential documentaries.

She was born and raised in Poland but has spent most of her career based at BBC TV in London, England. She has traveled and worked in many countries, producing and directing programs ranging from investigations and political to social observational documentaries.

Her films have revealed new information about issues such as corruption in Boris Yeltsin’s Russia, the secret prison camps in North Korea, the civil war in Colombia, and the secret and illegal CIA extraordinary rendition programs for people suspected of terrorism.

Her documentaries told some of the most memorable stories, like the tragedy in Beslan, made for the first anniversary of a terrorist attack in which more than 170 children got killed. In the second film, she highlighted the trauma still suffered by many child survivors five years after the atrocity.

For the last few years, she has been the presenter of an international documentary strand on TVN24 and TVN24Bis, American-owned commercial channels in Poland.