Guido Kruetschnigg

Global Head of Content

Red Bull Media House

Guido Kruetschnigg’s career began in Vienna, where he was appointed Head of Advertising at Novotny & Novotny. In 2009, he was hired by Red Bull Media House to oversee the development of the production department for Red Bull TV. Under his lead, the production team created short & long-form content, including feature projects Roraima and Cerro Torre. By 2012, Kruetschnigg had assumed the role of Line Producer for the Feature Film Department, becoming Co-producer on Cerro Torre and Executive Producer on Chasing Niagara. After the successful completion of two feature films for RBMH, Kruetschnigg was offered an executive role within RBMH to further develop and streamline processes and production practices for the ever-growing media company. Over the years, he has developed and implemented global production workflows, various workshops for in-house teams as well as counterparts from all 100+ Red Bull countries, and sustainability guidelines to promote eco-friendly production practices.

Kruetschnigg’s meticulous attention to detail and exceptional leadership skills have led him to the role of Global Head of Content at Red Bull. In the last several years, he has played a pivotal role in putting his team on the map as a leader in meaningful, story-driven, and innovative content. As the landscape of content, especially in content marketing, has undergone rapid evolution over the past decade, innovation and the development of strong creative teams at Red Bull have been a top priority. In addition to this, Kruetschnigg and his team continue to cultivate strong partnerships with renowned creatives and leaders within the industry. In his current role as Global Head of Content, Kruetschnigg oversees various content-related functions including Development, Story Research, Podcasts, Live Production, Music Services, Production Management, Emerging Media, and Sustainability for Red Bull’s production processes.