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January 12, 2023

Meet the Jury Interview
Philip Hollerbach

Philip Hollerbach looks back on 500+ film projects realized in 25 countries in a leading function as Director, Creative Director, and Executive Producer Film & Content at AUDI AG Global Communications. Spending the first decade of his career in a Berlin-based agency shooting films for clients like AUDI AG, Bentley, BMW Mini, Bugatti, Porsche, Lamborghini, SEAT, Škoda, and Volkswagen, Philip switched to the client side in 2017, bringing along his versatile expertise in creation, production, and supervision. His work has received international recognition and he is a member of various film festival juries in both Europe and the USA.

We are excited to have you on the jury for the 2023 US International Awards. What was the decisive factor that made you participate?

Thanks - the invitation is an honor, and I am sure the upcoming competition will be very inspirational. Hopefully, we’ll see a lot of international entries. This - and the factor that the awards are based on a stunning heritage - have been the key factors for me to join the Los Angeles jury.

Please tell us more about your work background and your everyday work life. Could you also tell us what you enjoy the most in your job? 

My background is creation and audiovisual storytelling - although my recent role is more about initiating, producing, and handling multiple films at one time. Working as a Director and a Creative Director in a Berlin-based production company before I moved to the client side, I now benefit from this massive experience a lot. Collaborating with creatives sharing the same premium standard as well as a clear vision and fine-tuning a film on a very high audio-visual level is what I enjoy most in my job.

What projects have you done so far? Are there projects that stand out for you personally and what was the most challenging project you worked on so far?

It’s really hard to answer this question and pick a specific production that stands out. There are hundreds of films I directed or produced for a lot of automotive brands. Well, maybe two might stand out: There was this action film for Lamborghini with a chase, bad boys, gunfights, and flipping cars… But I also love the emotional portrait film presenting the AUDI AG Head of Design Marc Lichte. As for me, we were able to turn this portrait into a piece of contemporary automotive film history. 
The most challenging project always is the recent one on your desk. I am convinced, creativity means solving problems. Not more, but also nothing less. And I like that!

What are you currently working on? And what else is planned for the upcoming time?

Most of my projects for AUDI AG have to be produced under strict secrecy. Well, I could tell you about my next project…. but, if I did, I guess, it also would be my last.

You were awarded several awards yourself. What does an award represent to you?

For me, an award represents an outstanding idea, hard work, well-adjusted team effort, and an exceptional feeling for moments and details. And, above all in the corporate world, the braveness of decision-makers to work uncompromisingly and defend the pureness of a great idea triumphing over the destructiveness of politically motivated decisions.

In your opinion, what makes a “good” corporate video? Alas, what are you looking for in a winning entry?

Story first. Everything else second. But details don’t hurt. And compromises never help to make a great corporate film.

Are there any tips for potential entrants? Production-wise and presentation-wise?

Let the film speak for itself and just provide the additional information that is relevant for the competition. Make it easy for the jury to understand what your film is about and for which target group it was produced - and why the production is special.